Support our planning application

Did you know that polls consistently show that around 80% of the UK public support solar power and want to see more of it. Well now we have a chance to set up and own our own clean, local power station – but we need lots of local support for the planning application.

As of the 30th October the formal planning response period has now closed but you can still express your support by emailing

It is best to be brief and speak from the heart – what do you love about this project?

Key things include:

  • Very little visual impact – well back from the road and behind high hedges
  • A power station owned by ordinary people
  • Doing our bit on climate change by generating clean electricity
  • Reducing reliance on imported fossil fuels
  • Substantial community benefits through our Community Fund – the surplus cash we will generate each year to do good things with in our community.

Thank you for joining together to create #ourenergy!

To find out more see our frequently asked questions.