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An update on community energy

It is a time of great change and uncertainty for community energy projects in the UK with the implications of Brexit and the recent changes to feed-in-tariffs (FITs). The result of Brexit could be very different depending on whether we end up inside or outside of the single market, but legislation is unlikely to change significantly as most of it is driven by the UK anyway.

Over the last few months feed-in-tariffs (FITs) have dropped and at the moment there is a huge rush to get projects approved before various deadlines coming up this autumn.

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News update for Cuckmere Community solar

Cuckmere Community Solar is still with you and still working towards local community-owned renewable energy production.

Sorry for our silence over the last few months, there’s been a lot to do behind the scenes. The government changed policy for renewables and community energy eight times in as many months in 2015, which has presented huge challenges to projects like ours.

But we are far from being dead or accepting defeat and

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Berwick Solar Farm site visit

You are invited to come along to a tour of the Berwick solar farm on Thursday 5th November.  Meet at the Berwick Inn between 12-2pm and then go for a site visit.  We will be joined by Leader of the Green Party, Natalie Bennett and MEP Keith Taylor. read more


Wow! We now have over 100 letters of support for our planning application. That’s fantastic… Thanks to everyone who has written in.   Although the response period has formally closed the council has told us they will still accept messages of support to  So please do email them with your positive comments.  And if you need some ideas about what to say click here for some... read more

Sheep shall safely graze…

The solar farm at Berwick is now fulfilling its multiple missions: of feeding the population, becoming a haven for wildlife and generating clean electricity.
Since the solar farm was commissioned in March last year, grass has been re-sown around the panels, hedges have been planted, and a swift tower and bird boxes have been installed. All these to improve the environment

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Community Information Drop-in Event

You are invited to a community information drop-in event to find out about plans to build the first community owned solar farm in Sussex.

Dicker Village Hall, Coldharbour Road

Friday 9th October from 4pm to 8pm

Saturday 10th October from 9am to 12pm

Come and meet the Cuckmere Community Solar Company and find out about this exciting project to build the first community owned solar farm in Sussex. The site is located adjacent to the existing Berwick Solar Farm at

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Planning Application

On Friday 18th September, our planning application went live on the Wealden District Council website, under reference “WD/2015/1635/MEA”. You can see the full application on the Wealdon District Council website. The planning application itself is a long document but there are also a Statement of Community Involvement and a Non-Technical Summary which are easy to read and give a clear overview of the solar farm proposal and how we are involving local people in what we are doing. The Statement of Community Involvement

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Swift Tower at Berwick Solar Farm

Back in July we held a community eco day at the Berwick solar farm. It was organised in conjunction with the developers of the commercial solar farm. The star attraction was the UK’s first ever Swift tower to be erected on a solar farm. Swifts are exceptional birds, being the fastest UK bird in level flight, and they never land other than to have their young which they do in the UK. After nesting,

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Bill checking at the Upper Dicker Cafe

A date for your diary!! The Big Energy Saving Network team will be at the Upper Dicker Cafe on 12th February from 4-7pm.  Come and join us for tea and a chance to check your energy bills and get advice on money saving initiatives. Bring your energy bills with you – we look forward to seeing you... read more