An inspiring project in Sussex

Our community is set to become joint owners of a part-commercial, part-community owned solar farm. We are told that this is a first of its kind in the UK, and we believe that:

  • The world can prevent the worst of climate change by choosing renewable energy
  • People take more responsibility for their energy consumption and its impacts when they are involved in its production
  • Solar power can be good for wildlife, good for farming, good for shareholders and good for the community

We are intending to…

  • Create a well-run company that provides a decent return for shareholders and many benefits for the community
  • Make our solar farm a haven for wildlife
  • Run an outdoor classroom so that schools and other groups can learn about solar power
  • Involve people from the local community and further afield in creating a truly inspiring place to be
  • Use any profits to commission local projects aimed at saving energy and encouraging the use of renewable energy and a love of nature