Cuckmere Community Solar is still with you and still working towards local community-owned renewable energy production.

Sorry for our silence over the last few months, there’s been a lot to do behind the scenes.   The government changed policy for renewables and community energy eight times in as many months in 2015, which has presented huge challenges to projects like ours.

But we are far from being dead or accepting defeat and after adjusting to the new rules, we are now going for planning permission in October this year.

With your active support we can get planning permission, but the tide of negativity is strong.  So we need your help and we need to pull together, which is also a lot of fun and very powerful when we do.

If we achieve planning permission, many factors are still in our favour for creating an inspiring project with huge benefits to our community: the costs of solar panels are still coming down rapidly, energy storage technology is developing and the market is innovating at a huge rate on things like direct sale of power to subscribers.

Our monthly meetings planning this project will restart again in September and there are lots of opportunities for enthusiastic supporters to get involved – so do let us know how you would like to contribute.