Behind the scenes, we are making good progress on developing your inspiring solar project. You can expect firm proposals to see the light of day as spring arrives. And we are cooking up some truly inspiring ways for you to benefit from the scheme as the year unfolds.

But we are acutely aware that many people want to know more about what is going on – and those of us working away on the project need to find a better balance between protecting you from “too much information” (it has been complex, frustrating and just plain hard work at times), whilst giving you opportunities to become involved. We see that as our main challenge now. Apologies if you, too, have been frustrated!

Meanwhile we are often being asked: Who benefits from a community solar project? Why build a community solar farm? Why not leave it to people to put solar on their rooves and save ourselves the hassle? For me the case is compelling and here are five reasons:

  1. Local people can invest their money locally and receive a better rate of return than they can in a bank account
  2. Members of our community will be able to buy our clean power at an attractive cost through our partnership with a small, innovative power company
  3. We intend to work with the farmer to improve the land for wildlife, bringing the community together to do things such as build a swift tower and provide learning areas for children
  4. The project will also generate a “community dividend” – a surplus each year of £20,000-£30,000 that we can plough back into the community, doing good things such as helping people to insulate their homes properly or installing better cheaper, renewable energy systems to replace expensive heating oil and reduce electricity bills
  5. We are able to influence the way in which the owners of the adjacent commercial solar farm manage their land.

So if you are inspired by this please do get in touch with us.